Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What's your inspiration?

During the time I took off when I had my daughter I had to delete my old website and blog. Of course I saved all the content and now that I'm getting back out there I'm going to re-post a few of my favourites!

This was originally titled What's my motivation and is a three part post. It was about doing what I do as a woman physically and mentally and gets a little bit personal later on when I talk about fear and share photos I would rather not let anyone see ever. But it's about the process, growing and learning, constantly finding things to inspire me to keep going. It seems fitting as it feels like I'm starting again, only this time I'm a mother. 

I was living in Manly, Sydney at the time:

An all round inspiring day
I really do think this is the coolest fin I have ever seen, it sure beats my plain old black ones!
Photo from Shooting the Curl

I am working on a bit of a sneaky photo project that's close to the heart at the moment, shared my progress with my new found Sydney based Photog pal Kristie, a relief to finally have had someone else's feedback. After my visit I headed for the library in search of a little more inspiration, found the coolest fin in the world and a book called Shooting the Curl. A book about the best surfers, the best waves all by 15 of the best surf photographers.

In a slightly arrogant way, talking about surf photographers being creepy, in judgement the question "Whats your motivation?" was raised. This struck a cord with me as it is something that I've had a little trouble dealing with myself when trying to make a living doing what I love.

When I studied photography my images where constructed, big elaborate plans that had chapters written about the image prior to it actually being shot. I've made the transition to shooting candid shots of people, sometimes these people are unaware that I'm shooting or even that I'm there, maybe a sinister element of voyeurism could be seen in that. I assure you there's not, lets not go down that track. I'm not shooting on the pro tour, there are no bikini contests at Manu bay (not that I swing that way anyway) but I do manage to imagine other people's judgment in my mind about my business Surf Shot which has ultimately become an extension of me.

Why would I choose surf to photograph, I'm not some amazing competitive surfer, what right do I have to be chasing the crazy, out there, dream that I have? I feel the expectation from people that I should be an amazing surfer, that I might disappoint people because I'm not, then again maybe that is all in my mind too. My instant reaction to that question  "What is your motivation?" was to feel a little self conscious and let my self esteem drop a couple of notches, or to fake a non existent confidence. But actually in this case I'm not going to let that happen, instead I'm going to share my motivation.

To be continued...

Here's to new confidence and not letting the mind be so self destructive!

8-10ft swell predicted over the next week in Manly! 
And there really was 8 foot swell that week, I paddled out to that right hand point break by Shelly Beach, I can't remember what it's called, but I didn't paddle into anything.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

The power of the ocean

We often talk about the power of the ocean in terms of how destructive it can be. I want to share how the ocean has the power to transform a person. It's was a great summer this year and I have had so many amazing experiences that have made me so grateful for the life I have been blessed with.

I'll start with my cousin Kristen, who came to stay with me. This was her first time away from her Muma. To start with she was shy, didn't really say that much and answered every question I asked her with "I don't know?".

I organised a surf lesson for her with an amazing friend Jo without realising how terrified she was. As I watched Jo help her face her fear in the ocean there was this transformation in her demeanour. This great big smile on her face and she came out of herself. I don't usually get to see people after their surf lessons but as I drove her home listening to the excitement in her voice as she recounted each wave was amazing! The shyness now gone. 

We were probably only out there for half an hour and the waves were small, but it got me thinking about how we all have our own hopes and fears to conquer at what ever level that may be at, in the ocean or out. It's not about how good you are out there, but how it makes you feel.

Stay stoked!